What Your Content Says About Your Company Values and Why It Matters

Can a company exist without values? And, can a company function properly without a set of guiding principles? The conclusive answer is no.

Company values are part of the reasons we go to work every day. They are what keep us pushing when all the odds are stacked against us. And where does content tie in? What is the relationship between content and company values? Content intends to work in service of company values in order to help a brand reach its business goals and other objectives.

Considering the intrinsic link between brand values and content, we’re exploring how your content can help your company send the right message about what you stand for and why your customers should value both your mission and your service. 

 Your content buttresses your unique value proposition

Chances are that you are not the only business in your niche. There will always be competitors which is why you have to find a way to stand out. What’s more, you need to refine a process by which you can tell your audience why they should choose you and what your specific value proposition is.

How better to do that than through your content. Of course, you can run ad campaigns, but the problem is ads only tell your audience what you think they want to hear, rather than why you know they want to hear. 

Let’s take an example. If you’re the founder of an online organic fruit and vegetable store, it’s a great idea to create content about the nutritional benefits of fresh produce and the positive studies surrounding organic food. This could be in the form of blog posts, Instagram stories or videos. What’s more important is your content reflects what you stand for and reinforces your brand mission. The two should always go hand in hand.  

 Your content helps your target audience connect with your brand’s story

Your company or brand has a story about how its values came to be, and why they are important. Content is the best way to share this story with your customers. Your story will attract superfans; people who deeply resonate with your message. Once your story aligns with the values of your target audience, things get easier and your customers will be more likely to support your business by buying or hiring you.

 Your content helps you reach potential clients

Once you know what your customers are after, and what appeals to them, you can then craft content to meet their needs. This way, when they try to find content that can help them, they find you and so the cycle continues. This is from the perspective of relevance. 

Then there’s the perspective of search engine optimization (SEO). If your content is optimized around the right keyword, you will be discovered by customers who wouldn’t have found you otherwise. Ultimately, thanks to your content and its relevance, you’ve just opened yourself up to an entirely new audience which you otherwise wouldn’t have accessed.

 Your content can establish you as an authority

What better way to establish that you’re an authority in your space than through the information, ideas and media that you share? If your content shows the clear attention to detail and professional expertise you claim to have, then you earn the trust of your audience. 

On the other hand, if your content lacks credibility, research and factual data, then you may struggle to achieve the business results you desire. Your content can help you position yourself as the go-to company in your niche. By delivering high-quality content that is authentic to your voice and in alignment with your company values, you will see positive return on investment and sustained success.

 Your content can you build long-term trust

It’s likely that the results you desire in business won’t be achieved instantaneously. It may take years before you begin to see significant signs of progress. However, those early stages of little or no traction will test your resolve and are fundamental to your future. 

If you can hold on, and continue to provide quality content, people will not only start to notice but also listen.  Your previous work that was seen by only a handful of people will become fresh to the influx of your new traffic. You will then be recognized as a ‘veteran’. However, this can only happen when you’re clear about your values from the outset, and your content reinforces such on a regular basis. 


All the advantages of having a solid content strategy listed above reflect what is possible when content and company values align. When your content and your company values work alongside one another, your audience is sent a clear message and your overall value increases.  Your customers know what to expect from you so they grow to trust your products, services, and counsel. As a business, your aim should be to leverage your content to bring about the results you desire. 


B Sodimu

B Sodimu

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