Film Mongers: A review on one of London’s fastest developing film production companies

The ginger girl is trembling as she held tightly by two individuals, one male, one female. It is not clear if these people are her parents, though the holy white layout of the bathroom suggests that it is in a home. She convulses, thrashing about. The two individuals look towards the sky and pray with all their might; they ask for healing and forgiveness upon their presumably cursed child. The ginger girl struggles. A white tub next to the three is filled with water. What happens next is a rather ghastly tale to tell.


Ok, I’m sure you’re confused but wasn’t that so much fun? That was not just strange introduction to pull you into an article about a group of killer parents, no, no. It was in fact the beginning to a short film called Knock a door run.

Independent films have seen a rise in popularity over the past couple years. Filmmakers have decided to shun the bright lights of Hollywood and its promises of instant success, instead they focus on a more home grown craft.

The introduction to the film above was created by Film Mongers. A young independent company with novel ideas and a hunger for creativity.

Who are they?

The London based company has made its way onto the film scene, with the creation of a series of high-quality budget films. From weddings to actual movies, this young company’s policy is to undertake the art of storytelling, in all forms.

Currently, Film mongers latest short film Flavours has over 1k views on YouTube. Aside from that the company has a back log of short films which demonstrate why film is a dynamic art. With subversive storylines which shed the stereotypes of British film, you never really know what to expect.

Film Mongers-‘Knock a door run’

The company offers a fresh approach to film. Especially in a London scene where re-done gang crime films seems to be the only genre directors can think up. Yes, I said it, I’ll gladly speak for the majority and say WE’RE BORED.

Film mongers is truly the second messiah for this scene. They have come and added much needed zest with their unique and quirky ideas. What is most interesting is that in three years since its inception, the young company has managed to rack up a considerable number of subscribers and media attention. A feat not so easy in a film industry dominated by monopiles of big budget companies.  

Film Mongers latest film ‘Flavours’


Not only that, they know how to throw a damn good party! Film mongers hold a variety of events, most popular being their movie nights. These are great interesting nights catering to all types of people.

They regularly fill up venues such as the Prince of Peckham Pub in Southwark, South London. From student nights to date nights, you will be sure to have an entertaining night filled with popcorn and cocktails.


Film Mongers is setting a new standard for independent film. It lets it be known that budget does not mean a lack in quality. This applies to all areas of their work, even the lessons they provide on their channel for FREE for budding film makers.

Lighting, storyboards, trailers, colour grading. All these lessons can be found on their YouTube channel. Set out in a clear, concise and engaging manner, I would highly suggest even the most experienced videographers to take a look.


American filmmaker Cecil.B. Demille once said that “The greatest art in the world is the art of storytelling.”

Listen, at the end of the day the real question is why do we watch films? Its escapism. Humans love a good story because it takes us away from the reality of life. Stories can also inspire, motivate, sometimes scare, humour and most significantly teach us valuable lessons.

Film is more than just images on a screen, the movement of camera culminates to elicit emotions in people. It’s perhaps one of the most important tools in society, especially with out short attention spans.

Its an artform, heavily underrated in its significance, but essential to society.

A company such as Film Mongers understands this. The pervading feeling is that here is a young company, with all the tools to be as big as the major world production companies.  

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